7 Steps of Apparel Analysis in the Garment Industry

Apparel Analysis Steps

7 Steps of Apparel Analysis in the Garment Industry Kazi Md. Rashedul Islam B.Sc-in-Textile Engineering (DUET) Author & Founder: TextileTrainer.com Email: [email protected]   What is Apparel Analysis? Apparel analysis is a systematic evaluation of the various aspects of garments and clothing items. For a merchandiser, apparel analysis is an important term. Generally, the apparel analysis … Read more

Examples of Yarn Count Calculation

Yarn Count Calculation

What is Yarn Count? Count is the linear density of yarn. The size of the yarn formed is, however, indicated as the ‘Count of’ Yarn or Filament. Thus, we specify ‘Hank’ of lap, sliver or roving whereas we specify ‘Count’ of carded or combed yarn, double yarn, fancy yarn or man-made filament. In this article … Read more

Costing Procedure for Men’s Basic T-Shirts

costing of men's basic t-shirt

What is Men’s Basic T-Shirt? The most comfortable clothing for men’s is basic t-shirt. T-shirt is a style of fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. T-shirts are a staple in any man’s wardrobe. When it comes to men’s clothing, t-shirts are an essential that every guy should have. T-shirts … Read more

Costing for Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

costing men's long sleeve shirt

Garment costing is very complex process. It involves numerous number of activities associated with each product. It is very important task for garment merchandisers. Men’s long sleeve shirt or formal shirt is one of the most used dresses for men’s. So it is often ordered to garment manufacturers. In this article I will describe costing … Read more