System of Yarn Count Conversions

Conversion of Count System:
We can convert the value of count from one to other systems by following only some formulas. There are 4 systems for yarn count conversions from one system to another system.

System of Yarn Count Conversions:

  1. Conversion from direct to direct
  2. Conversion from indirect to indirect
  3. Conversion from direct to indirect &
  4. Conversion from indirect to direct

There are two formulas to convert the yarn count as given below:

  1. Unknown count = Multiplying converting factor X Given the count
  2. Unknown count = Constant / Given count

Here the first one is used for the first two groups of conversion (direct to direct & indirect to indirect) and the second one is for the last two groups including direct to indirect & indirect to direct.

Fig: Yarn count conversions

Before reading this conversion system you should read the following articles, as a result, you can understand easily.

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The table of converting factor and the count constant is given below:

Direct to Direct:

Known yarn

count in

Multiplying converting factor for the unknown count
Tex Denier
Tex ——- 9
Denier 0.1111 ——
Jute count 34.45 310



Denier of unknown count = Tex (known count)  X  9
Tex of unknown count = 0.1111  X  Den or Jute count

Indirect to Indirect:

Known yarn

count in

Multiplying converting factor for the unknown count
Metric (Nm) Worsted
Cotton (Ne) 17 1.5


Metric Count = 17 X Known cotton or worsted count
Worsted Count = 1.5 X Known cotton or Metric count

Indirect to Indirect & Direct to Direct:

Known yarn

count in

Tex Denier
Cotton 590.5 5315
Metric 1000 9000


Metric = 9000 /Known Den count
Denier = 5315 /Known Ne

If we see the yarn conversion measurement system at a glance then the concept will be clear about the conversion of yarn count.

Yarn Count Conversion formula:

  • Denier = 9 X Tex
  • Ne X Denier = 0.5315
  • Metric X Tex = 1000
  • Tex X Ne = 590.5
  • Ne = Metric X 0.5905
  • Metric X Denier = 9000
  • Tex = 34.45 X lb/ spyndle
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