Examples of Yarn Count Calculation

Yarn Count Calculation

What is Yarn Count? Count is the linear density of yarn. The size of the yarn formed is, however, indicated as the ‘Count of’ Yarn or Filament. Thus, we specify ‘Hank’ of lap, sliver or roving whereas we specify ‘Count’ of carded or combed yarn, double yarn, fancy yarn or man-made filament. In this article … Read more

Yarn Count in Direct System and Indirect System

Yarn Count: We can define yarn count as the coarseness or fineness of the yarn. It is just a numerical expression. There are main two types of yarn count measuring systems. One is direct count and another is indirect count system. Here, we will know the yarn count in the direct system and indirect system. … Read more

Yarn Count System for Grey GSM

Before about yarn count for grey gsm, we need to know what is yarn count and GSM are? So, Yarn count:  Yarn count indicates the fineness of the yarn. It varies according to weight with the length of the yarn. G.S.M (gm/m2): For knitting, it is the main parameter. It is controlled by loop length. … Read more