7 Steps of Apparel Analysis in the Garment Industry

Apparel Analysis Steps

7 Steps of Apparel Analysis in the Garment Industry Kazi Md. Rashedul Islam B.Sc-in-Textile Engineering (DUET) Author & Founder: TextileTrainer.com Email: [email protected]   What is Apparel Analysis? Apparel analysis is a systematic evaluation of the various aspects of garments and clothing items. For a merchandiser, apparel analysis is an important term. Generally, the apparel analysis … Read more

How to Find Out Sewing Time with Machine RPM

Introduction: Calculation of sewing time is an important task for industrial engineers. Because it will be effective to get actual time to be taken by a sewing operator to sew a specific length of the seam. From this, we can get an operator production efficiency easily. If you read the article with concentration then I … Read more

Poly Bag Consumption in Garments Industry

Introduction: Polybags, commonly known as polythene bags, have a variety of uses in many industries. But poly bag consumption in garments as great use in the garments industry. It is used to contain garments destined for export or to merchandise so that apparels remain intact and they could not obtain dust, dirt, or moisture. Polybag … Read more

Fabric Consumption for Basic T-shirt

Introduction: Fabric consumption for T-shirt is an important task for garments merchandisers. Because 50% cost for garments making is fabric. If fabric consumption and calculation are not correct then the company will face to huge loss. There are two formulas or processes of fabric consumption for a basic t-shirt. One in Centimeter and another in … Read more

Fabric Consumption of Polo T-Shirt

Fabric consumption is a common task for garment merchandisers in the garments merchandising sector. It is possible to reduce fabric wastage if anybody can make an accurate consumption of that order. Accurate fabric consumption is proportional to order profit. In this article, we will know about the fabric consumption of polo t-shirt. Polo T-shirt: A … Read more

How to Calculate Fabric Consumption for Woven Bottom

Introduction: Fabric consumption for the woven bottom is an important task for apparel merchandisers. If the calculation is not correct then the company will face to huge loss and reputation also fall. This article will be helpful for beginners who are involved in the garment sector. In the garment sector, there are two types of … Read more