Fabric Consumption of Polo T-Shirt

Fabric consumption is a common task for garment merchandisers in the garments merchandising sector. It is possible to reduce fabric wastage if anybody can make an accurate consumption of that order. Accurate fabric consumption is proportional to order profit. In this article, we will know about the fabric consumption of polo t-shirt.

Polo T-shirt:
A polo t-shirt is also known as a golf shirt or tennis shirt. It is one of the stylish dress for all ages people. A Polo shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. It is generally made of cotton or synthetic fabric. After passing the cutting section, different cut parts are assembled in the sewing section by sewing operation.

Fabric Consumption of Polo T-Shirt
Fig: Polo t-shirt Sketch

To determine the fabric consumption per dozen of a polo t-shirt, a measurement chart is given below:

Points Of Measurement Cm
Body Length 62
½ Chest 48
Slv Length 22
Armhole Circumference 40
Collar Height 5
Collar Width 24
Slv Rib Height 2.5
Slv Opening 17.5
Body Fabric Weght (Gsm) 180
Rib Fabric Weidth (Gsm ) 230

Fabric Consumption of Polo T-Shirt

Front Part:
(Length +aw)*(width +aw)
=(body length +aw )*(1/2 chest + aw)
=3300 square cm

Back Part: same like front part:

(Length +aw)*(width +aw)
=(slv length –slv rib height +aw)*(arm hole circumference +aw)*2
=1806 square cm

Total fabric
=8406 Sqare Cm

Body Fabric Consumption 

=[{(Total Fabric Square Cm)*Fabric Weight *12)}/10000000] + Wastage (10%)

Rib Fabric:


= (Length +Aw)*(Width +Aw)
= (Collar Height + Aw )*Collar Width (No Aw As It Is Open)
=144 Square Cm

Collar Fabric Consumption

=[{(Toata Fabric Square Cm)*Fabric Weight *12)}/10000000] + Wastage (10%)
= 0.04kg/Dz

=(Length +Aw)*(Width +Aw)*2
=(Slv Rib Height +Aw)*(Slv Opening +Aw )*2
= (2.5+1)*(17.5+2)*2
=136.5 Square Cm

Slv Fabric Consumption

=[{(Total Fabric Square Cm)*Fabric Weight *12)}/10000000] + Wastage (10%)
=0.04kg /Dz

Body Fab = 2kg /Dz

Collar Fab =0.04kg/Dz

Slv Rib =0.04kg/Dz
= 1.32 Kg /Dz

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Author od this Article:
Shariful Islam Iman
BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology
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