Calculation of Fabric GSM with GSM Cutter

Fabric GSM with Using GSM Cutter: 
GSM means the weight in gram per square meter of fabric. GSM is a very important parameter for specifying a certain quality of knitted fabric. The production of knitted fabric is calculated in the weight. Fabric GSM calculation is a physical test. This test is done by GSM Cutter. GSM cutters are used to determine accurately the GSM (Grams per square meter) of any type of fabric. It is a very popular and easily usable GSM testing instrument used in the most knitted factory.

The GSM of fabric is one kind of specification of fabric that is very important for a textile engineer for understanding and production of fabric. It indicates the weight of fabric in grams per square meter. By this, we can compare the fabrics in the unit area which are heavier and which is lighter. It is the metric measurement to check the weight of the fabric. GSM value is dependent on the kind of fabric such as cotton, polyester, etc. To calculate the GSM of the fabric means to measure their thickness.

Calculation of Fabric GSM with GSM Cutter
Fig: GSM cutter

How to Calculate Fabric GSM by GSM Cutter:

Now I will give the procedure of fabric GSM calculation step by step,

  1. Cut the fabric with the GSM cutter (gram per square inch).
  2. Weight the fabric with the electric balance.
  3. The cut sample is 100 sq. cm. The weight of the cut sample is multiplied by 100.
  4. The result is the GSM of that particular fabric.

For accuracy test with multiple (e.g. 5 samples) samples and calculate average GSM.


Let, sample weight 1.5 gm

In this situation, we have to multiply the average cutting swatch weight by 100 to get the actual fabric GSM.

Fabric GSM = Average cutting swatch weight × 100
= 1.5 × 100
= 150

So, fabric GSM by using GSM cutter is 150.

You can follow: The temperature and humidity

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