Calculate Crimp Percentage of Woven Fabric

In this article, calculate the crimp percentage of Woven Fabric will be discussed. The crimp percentage is the difference between straightened thread length and the distance between the ends of the thread in the fabric.

Crimp % = (l-s)/s x 100

Measuring crimp practically is not always a simple procedure. The length of the crimped yarn may be easily measured, but to decide when the crimped yarn removed no longer retains the crimp is not easy.

Calculate Crimp Percentage of Woven Fabric
Fig: Woven Fabric

Calculate Crimp Percentage of Woven Fabric

Crimp % , C=(L-S)/S * 100%

L is warp length,
S is cloth length

Warp Length (L), L=(1+C)* S

C is crimp %,
S is cloth length

Cloth length (S), S=L/(1+C)

L is warp length,
C is crimp %

A cotton cloth is analyzed, and from a tested strip of 20 cm, the mean warp length is 21.2 cm. Determine both the crimp and take-up percentage.


Crimp Percentage:
(21.2 – 20.0) / 20 = 6.0%

Take up Percentage
(21.2-20.0)/21.2 = 5.66%

N.B In many fabrics, there is not a too great difference between the warp and weft crimps, but there are examples of quite large differences. E.g. in cotton poplin, the warp crimp could be 14% and the weft crimp in only 2%

Calculate the length of warp required to weave 160 m of cloth if the warp crimp is 12%


S= cloth length = 160 m
Crimp = S = 0.12

and therefore warp length will be:

C= (l-s)/s X 100%; and c =l/s -1 and l =(1+c)*s

L= (1+0.12)*160 = 179.2 m

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What length of cloth can be woven from 800 m of warp if the warp crimp is 8%


Warp Length, L =800 m, find cloth length, S

= 800/(1.08)
=740.8 m

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