Production Calculation of Draw Frame with Formulas & Examples

Production Calculation of Draw Frame

Introduction Drawing is a process by which carded slivers are make up form parallel, remove hook and ultimately converted into drawn sliver. In this process, the sliver is elongated, doubled, leveled when passing through pairs of rollers. The tasks of draw frame are equalizing, parallelizing, blending and dust removing. There are mainly three actions are … Read more

Production Calculation Formula in Spinning

Production Calculation in Spinning is one of the principal tasks for the production manager who is responsible for spinning the floor. Maximum time textile engineers forget the common spinning production calculation formula. In this article just I want to try to give a production calculation formula in cotton spinning. Spinning is a major and ancient part … Read more

How to Find Out Production in Draw Frame

How to Find Out Production in Draw Frame

Production in Drawframe: Draw frame is a part of the yarn manufacturing process in which slivers pass through pairs of rollers and get some elongation, draft, doubled, and drawn. That’s why it ensures more straight, more combination, and more uniformity of yarns. Dust removal is also like a four subject of this draw frame stage. … Read more

Some Useful Formulas for Drawing Frame

Useful Formulas for Drawing Frame

Draw Frame:  The draw frame is the quality filter of the spinning mill; errors in the draw frame sliver result inevitably in yarn defects. Hence, since quality can no longer be improved after the draw frame, the sliver quality at the last draw frame passage is of decisive importance: The slivers must be monitored in … Read more