Important Measurement Point for Determining Fiber Quality

Determining Fiber Quality: In yarn manufacturing process, it’s very important to know to determine fiber qualities and fiber properties. Because the lion share cost of yarn manufacturing goes to raw materials. So attaining quality garments is very argent to dignify raw material’s qualities. That’s why we have some specific measurement points by which we can … Read more

Fabric Inspection: Procedure and Calculations

Fabric Inspection Process

Inspection: Fabric inspection is a quality control process that involves examining fabric for defects or irregularities before it is used in production or shipped to customers. The purpose of fabric inspection is to identify any defects or issues with the fabric, such as holes, stains, uneven dyeing, or other flaws that could affect the appearance … Read more

Examples of 4 Point System Inspection in Apparel Industry

Fabric Inspection System

Fabric Inspection System: Fabric inspection system is a quality control process used in the textile industry to examine and detect any defects or faults in the fabric. The fabric inspection process is crucial as it helps to identify any issues in the fabric before it is used in the production of finished products such as … Read more