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Ring Frame Production Calculation

Introduction Ring Frame is the last and most important machine in a spinning mill where the final draft is applied on roving and converted to yarn with the required count, i.e., the final yarn with desired count gets spun on the Ring Frame machine. Actually, Ring spinning is a method of producing yarn from fibers … Read more

Relationship between Yarn Count and Traveller Number

Ring Traveller: The traveller is the tinniest and simple mechanical element in the ring frame which carries the most important function like simultaneous twisting, winding, thread guide etc. A ring traveller plays a very important role in the ring-spinning system. It is not only important for yarn production while it is also important for yarn … Read more

Production Calculation of Ring Frame

Production Calculation of Ring Frame

Ring Frame: A ring spinning machine or ring frame is used to produce the required count of yarn from the supplied roving by the drafting. To insert a sufficient amount of twist to the yarn. To wind the yarn onto the bobbin. To build the yarn package properly. In this article, we will discuss the … Read more