Chemical Formula of Common Chemicals Used in Textile Dyeing

Textile Dyeing:
Textile dyeing is a process of coloring or tinting textile materials such as fibers, yarns, fabrics, or garments. It is a combination of some series processes such as scouring, bleaching, dying, and after treatment which can be carried out at different stages of fiber processing in different forms like a staple, yarn, fabric, etc. In the dyeing process, lots of chemicals required. To become a successful dyeing engineer or dyeing master you should know some chemical formula that is widely used in different stages of dyeing. The chemical formula of common chemicals used in textile dyeing is as follows:

Chemical Formula of Common Chemicals Used in Textile Dyeing
Pig: Common Chemicals Used in Textile Dyeing

Chemical Formula of Common Chemicals Used in Textile Dyeing

Chemical Name and Their Formula:

  1. Water = H2O
  2. Hydrochloric Acid = HCl
  3. Sulfuric Acid = H2SO4
  4. Phosphoric Acid = H3PO4
  5. Sodium Chloride (common salt) = NaCl
  6. Sodium Carbonate = Na2CO3
  7. Sodium Sulfate (Glauber salt) = Na2SO4
  8. Sodium Bicarbonate = NaHCO3
  9. Sodium Hydroxide = NaOH
  10. Potassium Hydroxide = KOH
  11. Sulfur Dioxide = SO2
  12. Trisodium Phosphate = Na3PO4
  13. Benzene = C6H6
  14. Acetic Acid = CH3COOH
  15. Oxalic Acid = (COOH)2
  16. Cellulose = C6H10O5
  17. Starch = C6H10O5
  18. Hydroz (Sodium Hydrosulfite) = Na2S2O4

Chemicals are the most important materials for textile dyeing in both knit and woven fabrics. Every chemical is different in its own characteristics. In the dyeing machine, the dyes and chemicals are mixed in. Every chemical is not suitable for all types of dying. The specific dye needs a specific chemical. The application of chemicals depends on the types of dyes.

Here, I gave some chemical’s name which is widely used for getting better dyeing performance in textile industries. They are as follow:

Basic Chemicals:

  1. Oxalic Acid
  2. Acetic Acid
  3. Soda Ash
  4. Sodium Hypo chloride
  5. Sulphuric Acid

Salt or Electrolytes:

  1. Common Salt
  2. Glubar salt
  3. Refined Salt
  4. Caustic Soda Pear
  5.  Caustic Soda

Bleaching Agent:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide 50%

Peroxide Stabilizer:

  1. Stabilol P
  2. Lavatex
  3. Prestozen PL
  4. Tinoclarito G-100

Peroxide Killer:

  1. Invatex PC
  2. Basopal PK
  3. Lorinol PK

Detergent & Scouring Agent:

  1. Invatex CS
  2. Invadine DA
  3. Cibafluid C

Anti-foaming/ Penetrating Agent:

  1. Cibaflow C
  2. Cibaflow Winch
  3. Antifoam TC
  4. Primasol NF

Anti-creasing Agent:

  1. Ciba fluid C
  2. Ciba fluid P
  3. Primasol Winch

Sequestering Agent:

  1. Sirrix AKLiq
  2. Ladiqueast 1097
  3. Dekol SM

Reactive Fixing Agent:

  1. Cibafix Eco
  2.  Cycianon E
  3. Tinofix FRD

Mercerizing Wetting Agent:

  1. Mercerol QWLF
  2. Leophen MC

After Soaping Agent:

  1. Cibapor R Liq
  2. Geiclean AW
  3. Sandopour RSK

Optical Brightener for Cotton:

  1. Uvitex BBT
  2. Uvitex CIDN
  3. Uvitex BHV

Optical Brightener for Polyester:

  1. Ultraphore BN Liq
  2. Ultraphore SFG Liq
  3. Ultraphore SFR
  4. Uvitex BHT

Decolourant For Effluent Treatment:

  1. Colfloc RD

Leveling Agent for polyester:

  1. Baso Winch PEL
  2. Uniperol EL
  3. Osmol ROL
  4. Prote-Gal DP505

Enzyme Finishing Agent:

  1. Bio polish AL
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