Yarn Dyeing Machine Production Calculation

Yarn Dyeing Machine Production: Dyeing is the process of adding color to textile products like fibers, yarns, and fabrics. There are several methods of dyeing. Yarn dyeing is one of them. There are many forms of yarn dyeing. Common forms are the package form and the hanks form. Cotton yarns are mostly dyed in package … Read more

Calculation of Package Density in Yarn Dyeing

Package Density in Yarn Dyeing: Package density has an important effect on yarn dyeing. When packages is too soft then liquor flowing through it will find the course of least resistance and cause channeling, which leaves some parts of the package relatively undyed or lighter. If the packages are wound too hard, a point can … Read more

Lab Dip Calculation

Lab Dip Development: Lab dip is a small swatch of fabric to define the color and its recipe before it goes for bulk dyeing. Lab Dip Calculation and developing Lab dip is one of the primary jobs for a merchandiser to start an order execution. Lab dip is very important for a dying factory. Because … Read more

How to Calculate 0.5% Dyeing Shade in Fabric

Garment dyeing is one of the essential finishing operations which allows the manufacturer to produce special color effects. That won’t be feasible from continuous processed fabric. The demand from retailers for rapid response to fashion and color changes has resulted in some specialty garment manufacturers producing products. It can meet this requirement using fabric that … Read more

Calculation of Bleaching Recipe

Bleaching: Bleaching is a chemical treatment employed for the removal of natural coloring matter from the substrate. Also, absorbency is increased because sodium hydroxide is used to increase the pH value and remove oil, fat wax, etc. This is an oxidation process where the natural color of the fabric destroyed. For any type of dull … Read more

Dyeing Calculation in Lab Dip

Dyeing Calculation: At the initial stage of dyeing calculation, one needs to calculate the dyeing recipe the lap deep before going for bulk productions. For this, a lot of work is done in the dyeing laboratory. In the dyeing lab, lab dip or sample is developed by the dyeing master. Lab dip plays an important … Read more