Relation between Stitch Lengths, Yarn Count, GSM & Machine Dia

Stitch length:
Stitch length (knitting) is the length of yarn in a knitted loop. It’s theoretically a single length of yarn which includes one needle loop half the length of yarn (half of a sinker loop) between that needle loop and the adjacent needle loops on either side of it. In this article Relation between stitch lengths, yarn count, GSM & machine dia will be discussed below:

Yarn count:
Yarn count is the numerical expression that indicates or expressed the fineness or coarseness of yarn. According to Textile Institute, Count a number indicating the mass per unit length or the length per unit mass of yarn.

GSM’ means ‘Gram per square meter’ that is the weight of fabric in gram per one square meter. By this, we can compare the fabrics in the unit area which are heavier and which is lighter. The GSM of fabric is one kind of specification of fabric that is very important for a textile engineer for understanding and production of fabric.

Relation between Stitch Lengths
Fig: Stitch Lengths on Sewing

Relation between Stitch Lengths, Yarn Count, GSM & Machine Dia

1. Relation between Yarn count & GSM: 

For Single jersey, Count=4350/GSM and

Ne=50.22-0.141GSM (For single Jersey)

Ne=54.57-0.123GSM (For 1×1 Rib)

Ne=59.12-0.119 GSM (For Lycra 1×1 Rib)

2. Relation between GSM, Stitch Length, and Yarn Count:

GSM = ……………………………………………….                    k=constant
…………..Yarn count (Ne) X Stitch length

K=12068.59 (Single jersey or plain)

K=16431.497 (1×1 Rib)

K=19005.333 (2×1 Rib)

3. Relation between Fabric Dia & machine Diameter:

Fabric Dia = (Machine Dia X 2) ± 5% for single jersey
Fabric Dia = (Machine Dia X 4/3) ±5% For Rib.

It is needed not to mention that GSM, count and stitch length is very essential parameters that control all the properties of weft knitted fabric. Mainly stitch length and count plays a vital role in knit fabric structure. GSM, count, and stitch length which is important when producing rib and interlock fabric. From the above-mentioned formula, it has been identified that when stitch length and count Increase then the GSM will be decreased. Here, yarn count and stitch length both are variables.

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