Table of Conversion Factor for Textile Calculation

Conversion Factor for Textile Calculation:
In the path of textile calculation, we need to work with numerous number/count units of measurement. Because many of the mathematical theories we see require frequent conversion of units. Is for example,

Problem: 01
A wrapper’s beam containing 420 ends and a length of 2000 yards weights (net) 20 pounds. Find the beam count?


Total continuous length of 420 ends = (2000 x 420 ) yards

So one lea (120 yards) weight = { (20 x 7000 x 120) ÷ (2000 x 420)grains }
= 20 grains

Hence beam count = 1000/20
= 50s (ANS.)

Math like above, we see there is given a length of 2000 yards weights(net) 20 pounds, but to find one lea weight, we must need to convert this 20 pounds into grains, for doing this we have multiplied 20 by 7000.

Problem: 02
A 30-yard length lap weight (after deducing the lap rod weight) 26.25 lbs. Find out the hank lap?


One yard of lap weights = 26.25 / 30 lbs
=14 ozs.

Converting grains = (14/16) x7000

Hank Lap = 8.33 ÷ { (14/16) x7000 }
= 0.00136 (ANS.)

Conversion Factor for Textile Calculation

Math like this, we are seeing when we get the weight of one yard of lap 26.25 / 30 lbs, for putting this weight into the second calculation of finding hank lap it needs to multiply by 16, as it requires the same value but in the unit named ounces .thats why before putting we have to convert multiplying it by 16.

The aim of this discussion is only to understand the necessity of knowing easy factors for converting values. That’s why it is very helpful to keep all the conversion factors on one page. Keeping it in mind we try to prepare a Table consists of all the conversion factors. Hope you would be benefited a lot.

Table of Conversion Factor for Textile Calculation:

To Change From To Multiply by
Centimeter Inches 0.3037
Inches Centimeter 2.54
Meters Inches 39.37
Meters Feet 23
Foot Metre 0.3
Meters Yards 1.1
Yards Meters 0.91
Square inches Square centimeters 6.4536
Square yards Square meters 0.8361
Square meters Square feet 10.76
Acre Hectares 0.4047
Hectares Acre 2.471
Kilometers Miles 0.6214
Cubic Inches Cubic Centimetres 16.387
Cubic Centimetres Cubic Inches 0.061
Litres Cubic Inches 61.02
Imperial Gallon Litres 4.536
Ounces (oz) Grams 28.35
Grams Ounces(oz) 0.035
Pound Kilogram 0.4536
Pound Ounces(oz) 16
Ounces Ounces 0.0625
Pounds Grains 7000
Grains Pounds 0.000142
Kilogram Pound 2.205
Pounds per litre Pounds per gallon 0.01
Pounds per square foot Kg. per square meter 4.883
Pennyweight(dwt.) Grains 24
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