Beam Count Calculation in Warping

Beam Count Calculation in Warping:
Yarn is wound onto a perforated warp beam for weaving preparation. It is used as a package for yarn when fabrics are to be woven. In using this, it’s essential to know the count of this yarn package. We know one count is defined as a bundle of 840 yards. Weights 1 pound (lb). For determining the count of warp beam we can use the same theory that has been written in the previous post.

Yarn warping on beam
Fig: Yarn warping on beam

For your help, this will be discussed once again.

  • 1 pound = 7000 grains
  • 1 penny weight(dwt.) = 24 grains
  • 1 lea equals = 120 yards

From the above, a lea of 1 s count weight is 1000 grains.

If 1000 grains is the lea weight the count is 1s

And If 50 grains is the lea weight the count is 1000/50 =30s
And If 25 grains is the lea weight the count is 1000/25 =40s

And so on.

This method of calculation can be extended to determine the beam counts in weaving preparatory like beam count.

Some things need to be noted:

As beam counts are a useful check on the spinning correct wrapping process, every care to be taken at the warping stage to see that:

  1. The beam tare weight is correct.
  2. The total ends in the creel are correct and ectra.
  3. The length on beam initially is also accounted before the yardage dial is reset.
  4. The beam weighment scale is accurate.

Beam Count Calculation in Warping Mathematical Problems

Problem: 01
A wrapper’s beam containing 420 ends and a length of 2000 yards weights(net) 20 pounds. Find the beam count?


Total continuous length of 420 ends = (2000 x 420) yards

So one lea (120 yards) weight = { (20 x 7000 x 120) ÷ (2000 x 420)grains }
= 20 grains

Hence beam count = 1000/20
= 50s (ANS.)

Problem: 02
One lea of yarn is wrapped from each of four bobbins and the total wrappings are found to weight 4 dwt. 8 grs. Find out the count of yarn?


Weight of 4 leas in grains = 104

So yarn count = { (4 x 1000) ÷ 104 } = 38.4s (ANS.)

Problem: 03
A bundle of 264 yards of a certain yarn weights 1 dwt. 3.5 grs. Then what will be the count?


Bundle weight = 1 dwt. 3.5 grs. = 27.5 grains

27.5 grains is the weight of = 264 yards

So 7000 grains is the weight of = [ (264 x 7000) ÷ 27.5 ]
= 80s (ANS.)

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