Calculation for Line Balancing

Line Balancing:
Line balancing is leveling the workload across all processes in a cell or value stream to remove bottlenecks and excess capacity. The calculation for Line Balancing is a tool used for the production line to capacitate the flow line of production. A flow line can be divided into elemental tasks. Each of these tasks will require a specified time to complete. It also has a sequential relationship with other tasks in the flow line. In order to ensure that the line is run efficiently, efforts have to be made to balance the line. The calculation for Line Balancing is discussed in the followings:

Calculation for Line Balancing
Fig: Line Balancing in Garments Industry

Calculation for Line Balancing:

For line balance, we have to know some data and some calculating information those are as follows: –

  1. How many operators.
  2. Operation.
  3. SMV.
  4. Performance.
  5. Potential production/ hour.
  6. Hours to achieve target.
  7. Capacity.
  8. Target.

Efficiency = (Sum of all task times) /(Actual no of workstations) X (Cycle Time)

= (250) / (5) X (60)
= 0.83 OR 83 %

Potential production / hour = (60/SMV) X Wanted efficiency

Hours to achieve target = (Target/week)/(Potential Production)

If, SMV = 1.22
Performance = 80%
Target / Week = 2655

Then Potential Production / Hour = (60 / 1.22) X 80% = 39 pieces/hour

We know the target/week = 2655 pieces

Hours to achieve target = 2655 / 39 = 68 hrs

So Capacity is 60- 68 = -8 hrs.

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Assuming an 8-hour working day, what is the cycle time needed to generate an output rate of 240 units per day?


……………………..Operating time per day
Cycle time = ………………………………………
……………………….Desired output rate

Operating time per day = 8 X 60 = 480 min

Desired output rate = 240 per day

So, Cycle time = 480 /240 = 2 min (ANS)

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