Costing Procedure for Men’s Basic T-Shirts

costing of men's basic t-shirt

What is Men’s Basic T-Shirt? The most comfortable clothing for men’s is basic t-shirt. T-shirt is a style of fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. T-shirts are a staple in any man’s wardrobe. When it comes to men’s clothing, t-shirts are an essential that every guy should have. T-shirts … Read more

Costing for Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

costing men's long sleeve shirt

Garment costing is very complex process. It involves numerous number of activities associated with each product. It is very important task for garment merchandisers. Men’s long sleeve shirt or formal shirt is one of the most used dresses for men’s. So it is often ordered to garment manufacturers. In this article I will describe costing … Read more

Formula of Garments Costing

Introduction: Garments costing is an important part of an apparel merchandiser. The whole business totally depends on it. Accurate garments costing is the heart of this business. The costing is done by keeping in mind the cost of the various raw materials, the operating cost of the company, the competition, and the expected profit of … Read more

Costing of Export Oriented Garments Industry

Costing of Export Oriented Garments: Costing is very important for a productive factory. Without proper garments costing, all production curriculums will go in vain. Because a factory cannot reach its goal without achieving good profit and good profit is not possible without skillful costing. In this article, we will discuss costing of export-oriented garments. Costing … Read more

How to Prepare Costing Sheet for Sweater

How to Prepare Costing Sheet for Sweater

Costing Sheet for Sweater: Costing sheet preparation is mandatory to work for apparel merchandisers. It’s overall documentation for a garments export order. Making a costing sheet is not an easy task. Normally senior merchandiser prepares a costing sheet for export order. I have also published an article on how to make a costing sheet for … Read more