Carton Consumption & Costing for Garments Merchandiser

Garments are delivered to the buyer in cartons. Garments in poly bags are kept in a carton as per the instruction of the buyer. Loading cartons with garments is called packaging. Packaging is one of the important parts of garment manufacturing and exporting. A buyer generally gives written instruction as to the construction of the … Read more

Costing of Folded Yarns

Folded Yarn: The costing of folded yarns depends on the price of their constituent threads. Therefore, when the component threads are of the same count, the case is very simple. But when the folded yarn is composed of threads of different counts or of different take-ups, or both, the cost of the folded yarn will … Read more

Cost of Making of a Garment – Calculate CM

Cost of Making of a Garment

Cost of Making of a Garment: Garment CM (Cost of Making) is a term used in the fashion and apparel industry to refer to the cost of producing a garment, excluding the cost of materials. It represents the direct labor cost of producing the garment, including cutting, sewing, finishing, and any other operations required to … Read more

Calculation of Garment Costing

Garment Costing

What is Garment Costing? Garment costing is the process of determining the cost of producing a garment or apparel product. It involves calculating all the expenses involved in making the garment, including the cost of materials, labor, overhead, and any other associated expenses, to arrive at the total cost of production. Garment costing is an … Read more