Relation between Two Fineness Measuring Systems

Relation between Two Fineness Measuring Systems

Fiber Fineness used to determine the fineness of fiber and analyze the composition and content of animal fiber, vegetable fiber, and mineral fiber. such as cotton, wool, man-made fiber, etc. It is based on digital image technology and interactive operation. The operator selects the objects, and then the system measures fiber and gets the statistic … Read more

Relation between Immaturity Count and Fiber Weight

Introduction: Fiber maturity is a fiber characteristic that expresses the relative degree of thickening of the fiber wall. In the other words, it is the measure of primary and secondary wall thickness. Fiber will be mature if a high degree of wall thickening took place during cotton growth. The relation between immaturity count and fiber … Read more

Relation between Yarn Dia and Yarn Count

Yarn Count: Yarn count expresses the coarseness or fineness of yarn used in textile. According to Textile Institute, ‘Count is a number indicating the mass per unit length or the length per unit mass of yarn.’’ The relation between yarn dia and yarn count will be discussed below. Yarn Dia and Yarn Count Relation Pierce … Read more