Consumption Calculation of Basic Short Sleeve T-shirt

Fabric Consumption Calculation:
Consumption of fabric is very important and tough work in the apparel industry. Because profit of apparel business maximum depends on perfect costing. So merchandiser should do this work carefully. The profit of the order depends on it. Therefore, fabric consumption should be done accurately after receiving the order. As its vast importance on garments merchandising, today I will discuss the consumption calculation of basic short-sleeve T-shirt.

Consumption Calculation of Basic Short Sleeve T-shirt (1)

Fig: Basic Short Sleeve T-shirt

For the determination of fabric consumption of any parts of a t- shirt, we have to take the reading length and a maximum width of this part of the t-shirt. And then we have to multiply length with width to find out the area of fabric required of this part and others should be followed as unit terms.

Consumption Calculation of Basic T-shirt

Measurement Chart:

Sleeve length: ————————-76 cm

½ chest width: ————————-58 cm

Body length: —————————24 cm

Sleeve hem width: ———————2.5 cm

Bottom hem width: ——————–2.5 cm

Neck width: (1+2+3+4+5): ———–21 cm

Neck rib width: ———————–2.5 cm

Fabrics weight: ———————–180 GSM (Single jersey)


  1. Types of fabric and fabric GSM will be supervised by the buyer. [GSM= Gram per square meter]
  2. For body length and sleeve length, approximate sewing allowance (12cm) should need at body hem, shoulder joint, sleeve hem, and armhole joint.
  3. For chest width, an approximate sewing allowance (6cm) should be needed at both side seams.
  4. Approximate fabric wastage in various stages is 10%.

For knit fabric (Single jersey), GSM may be from 110-520

Consumption of Basic T-shirt:

Body length = 76 + 2.5 (hem width) + 3.5 (seam allowance) = 82 cm
Sleeve length = 24 + 2.5 (hem width) + 3.5 (seam allowance) = 30 cm
½ Chest width = 58 + 6 (seam allowance) = 64 cm

Consumption Formula:

= { ½ chest X (Body length + Sleeve length)} X 2 X GSM / 10000000 + wastages % Kg/piece
= {64 X (82 + 30) X 2} X 180 / 1000000 + 10%
= 0.25 + 0.02
= 0.27 Kg/pc
= 0.27 X 12 Kg/doz
= 3.24 Kg/doz

Neck consumption = 150 gm/doz =0.15 Kg/doz

Tapping or piping consumption = 50 gm/doz = 0.05 kg/doz

Total consumption = 3.25 + 0.15 + 0.05 = 3.44 Kg/doz

Fabric consumption for 1 dozen basic short sleeve t-shirt is 3.44 Kg (ANS)

Author of this Article:
Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Apparel Manufacturing
Asst. Merchandiser
Opex Sinha Group, Narayongonj
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