Fabric Consumption Formula for Trouser / Pant

Fabric consumption refers to the amount of fabric that is needed to make a particular garment or textile product. This is an important consideration in the manufacturing process, as it can impact the cost, quality, and overall efficiency of production.

The fabric consumption for pants depends on various factors such as the style, size, and type of fabric used. However, as a general guideline, the fabric consumption for a pair of pants can range from 1.2 meters to 1.8 meters of fabric, depending on the width of the fabric, the size of the pants, and the desired fit.

Trouser consumption calculation is widely used in the garment industry and especially in apparel merchandising. It is an important task for merchandisers. If the calculation is not correct then the company will face to huge loss and reputation also fall. In this article, we will discuss Fabric Consumption Formula for Trouser or Pant.

Trouser Consumption Formula
Trouser Consumption Formula

In the apparel industry, the trouser is the most commonly produced items and also used widely in the garments sector. The most important task for a merchandiser is calculating fabric consumption for an order. If the final consumption of an order is not accurate then the manufacturer will face a huge problem and may lose its reputation.

For calculating fabric consumption for an order, consumption determination of fabric is a very important term in the textile sector. Since it depends on fabric prices therefore accurate and closure consumption will reduce fabric wastage which will be beneficial for producing trousers with a competitive cost. So, we should keep proper knowledge of fabric consumption properly.

The basic formula of fabric consumption:

To estimate fabric consumption for a knitted apparel use the following formula.

Consumption in grams= {(L*C) + (B*SL)}*2*GSM/10000 grams 

C= Chest +allowance
L= length of the body measure + allowance
SL= Sleeve length +Allowance
B=Biceps +allowance
GSM = fabric weight in grams per square meter

For example: If you consider,

  • Outseam = 42 inch
  • Inseam = 32”
  • Waist = 36”
  • Hip = 40”
  • Bottom = 20 “
  • Fabric width =58”

The mathematical formula to calculate the fabric consumption of trouser in the yard is given below:

Formula =

= [ (42” + 2” + 2”) × (Hip/4 + 1.5”) × 4/36”] / 57”

= [ 46” × (40”/4 + 3”) × 4/36”] / 57”

=[ 46” × 13” × 4/36”] / 57”

= 1.165 yd/ per trouser

= 1.165 yd/ per trouser + zipper fly (2) + pocket facing (4) + back pocket bone + belt loop

= 1.165 + 0.058

= 1.21

= 1.21 + 5%

= 1.21 + 0.060

= 1.270 × 12 (per doz)

= 15.24 yard/doz

Trouser is one of the common garment manufacturing items in the apparel industry. Knitted Trousers can be made from fleece fabric or a single jersey. The calculation process of fabric consumption for trousers is the same for both fabric types.

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