How to Make Costing Sheet for Knit Garments

Garments  Costing Sheet for Knit Garments:
Garments costing is very important for getting an export order. An apparel merchandiser should have a clear concept about all the processes of garments manufacturing to make an effective, profitable, and competitive cost sheet. The global garments market is becoming competitive from a previous time. So costing sheet should become smart and buyer-oriented.

How to Make Costing Sheet for Knit Garments
Fig: Costing Sheet for Garments

Costing sheet preparation for knit garments:

Costing Sheet for Knit Items

Buyer Selviam Heatch Date 12.07.2015
Style S.H-03 Delivery 14.08.2015
Description Knitted T-shirt Quantity 15000pcs
Fabrication 100% cotton piquet
Size L
Factory F.H Apparels Ltd.
Yarn 100% cotton (30/1) carded
GSM 160
Wash Instruction Silicon wash

(Fabric cost + Processing) Per Dozen

Fabrication Item Consumption Unit price($) Amount ($)
100% cotton Piquet Solid 160 GSM

100% cotton 1×1 Rib Collar + Cuff

Yarn 3.5kg 4.00 14.00
Knitting 3.5kg 0.25 0.88
Dyeing 3.5kg 1.30 4.55
Total (Fabric cost + Processing) Per Dozen) per dozen 19.43

(Trimmings+ Packing + Embellishment) cost per dozen

(Trimmings+ Packing + Embellishment) cost per dozen
Main Label 0.30
Care Label 0.20
Sewing Thread 1.10
Twill Tape
Print 3.10
Washing 5.00
Hang Tag 0.50
Poly Bag 0.40
Carton 0.80
Others 0.10

Total Accessories (Trimmings+ Packing + Embellishment) cost per dozen

Lab Test (Fabric and Garments) per dozen
Total (Fabric + Accessories+ Lab test) cost per dozen 30.93
Cost of making (CM) including profit per dozen 11.00
Commercial cost 4% of total (Fabric + Accessories+ Lab test) cost per dozen 1.24
Total price per dozen 43.17
FOB price per pc 3.60

The Costing Sheet for Knit Garments is a very significant task to do. The sheet called the garments costing sheet when its consists of all necessary information. By Observing the garments costing sheet one can realize whether the garment’s production is profitable or not. Which materials and how much time will be necessary for making this production etc. Generally, the costing sheet is prepared by the Finance department. But for making sheets information is needed from buying section, production section, wages section, quality control section, and account section, etc. After making this sheet it should be handover to the proper authority.

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