Poly Bag Costing for Garments Merchandiser

Poly bag costing:
Poly bag costing for garments is another important task for apparel merchandisers. It also keeps an effect on the total pricing of orders. Polybags, commonly known as polythene bags, have a variety of uses in many industries. This is a plastic packet (pouch) used to contain garments destined for export or to merchandise so that apparels remain intact and they could not obtain dust, dirt, or moisture. In particular to garments, the material used may be of LDPE, PP, or VINYL. In these LDPE can be recyclable, and others cannot be recycled.

Poly Bag Costing for Garments Merchandiser
Poly Bag Packing in Garments

Poly Bag Costing for Garments Merchandiser

Most used poly bags in garments industries are PP (polypropylene) poly bags, PE (polyethylene) & LDPE (low-density polyethylene), HDPE (high-density polyethylene), etc. Basically, there’re three different ways to measure poly bags thickness.

  • Mil (1 mil = 1/1000 of an inch)
  • Microns (1 microns = 1/1000 of a mm)
  • Gauge (1 gauge = 1/100000 of an inch)
  • Conversion, 1 mil = 25 microns = 100 gauge.Note: Gauge is the most used system of counting poly bags’ thickness worldwide.


A poly bag having length of 30 inches, flap 3 inches, width 16 inches, poly thickness 150 gauge. Now find out the weight of 1000 pcs poly bags?

Answer: {(30 + 1.5) x 16 x 150 / 3300} = 22.91 KGs for 1000 pcs

Formula: KGs needed for 1000 pcs poly bags = {(length + half flap) X width X gauge / 3300}

Now, if we want to find out the weight of 1 pcs poly bag, then we need to divide the outcome by 1000.

Answer: 22.91 / 1000 = 0.023 KGs. (1 pcs poly bag weight)

Note: You see, I count flap measurement in half (1.5 inches) during calculation because the flap is single layer & length, the width of a polybag is double layer.

An LDPE poly bag having 28” length, 3” flap, 14” width, 140 gauge thickness with the self-adhesive facility, and if the cost of polymer is $.50 per lb. Let’s find out the cost of 1 pc poly bag.

So, weight of material = (28+3 X 14 X 140) / 3300

= 60760 / 3300
= 18.412 kg /1000 pics

To produce 1000 pics of poly bag, need 18.41kg polymer.

Cost of Material = 18.412kg x $.50 per lb

= 18.41 x $1.1/Kg (as we know 1 kg = 2.20 lb)
= $20.253 / 1000 pics.
= $0.020 (cost of 1pc poly bag)

Cost of Adhesive tape = 28” x $.002
= $.056

So, final cost of 1 pc poly bag will be = ($0.020 + $.056)
= $0.076

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