Consumption Formula for Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine

Single Needle Lock stitch Sewing Machine:
Single Needle Lock stitch Sewing Machine is a new generation model which is designed for quiet and smooth performance, delivering improved seam quality, wider operable room, and great reliability. It is used for stitching light and moderately heavy material.

Consumption Formula for Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine

Features of Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine:

  1. Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine uses a good feeding mechanism, which greatly improves production efficiency.
  2. It’s an internally installed bobbin winder that is elegant and easy to handle.
  3. Low noise, no radiation, and environment friendly
  4. It can prevent oil from flowing from the head to the servo control system so that reducing and extending service life.
  5. Speed of Lock Stitch Sewing Machine is up to 5000 rpm.

Consumption formula for single needle lock stitch (plain/domestic) machine:

C = Thread consumption per inch,
N = Length of each stitch,
T = Thickness of fabric/seam,
S = Stitch density per inch.

So, C =?

C = (2N + 2T) × S
= 2NS + 2TS

So, C = 2 + 2TS; Because N × S = 1″

If there are 10 stitches per inch and thickness is 0.025″, what will be threading Consumption per inch?


C= 2 + 2TS
= 2 + 2 × 0.025″ × 10″
= 2.5″ (Ans.)

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