How to Calculate Sewing Thread Consumption in Sacking Jute Bag

Sewing Thread Consumption of Jute Sacking Bag: Normally five types of stitches are used in making a jute sacking bag. Hemming stitch Herakle stitch Overhead stitch Safety sewing Hand sewing Above these five types, Hemming and Herakle are the most common two. How to Calculate Sewing Thread Consumption in Sacking Jute Bag Determining Sewing Thread … Read more

Thread Consumption of a Full Sleeve Woven Shirt

Thread Consumption of Woven Shirt: Thread consumption is very important for the T-shirt manufacturing process. In today’s competitive marketplace, there is a need for tight cost control of products. Besides, it is important to know the amount of thread consumed in a sewn product. To determine thread consumption you just need to multiply seam length … Read more

Factors of Sewing Thread Consumption

Sewing Thread: Sewing threads are the basic elements of making any kind of apparel so it is highly needed to calculate actual consumption for making any item. The needed quantity of threads for sewing a garment is called thread consumption per piece garment. Now if we multiply by 12 then it is called consumption per … Read more

Calculation of Embroidery Thread Consumption

Embroidery Thread Consumption: Embroidery is a combination of artistic arrangement and computerized process that takes a design, photo, drawing, etc, and converts it to an embroidery design on fabric. Embroidery thread consumption calculation of garments is essential for a merchandiser to estimate the total number of cones required for a specific order and to purchase … Read more

How to Calculate Amount of Sewing Thread Consumption

Sewing thread consumption:  For disciplined garments costing, it’s a very important issue to know sewing thread consumption. For making a garment, the needed amount of sewing thread or making seam is called sewing thread consumption. In this article, we will discuss how to calculate the amount of sewing thread consumption according to stitch types. Thread … Read more