How to Control Loop Length in Knitting Machine

Loop Length Control: Loop length control is an important feature in modern knitting machines that allows for precise control over the length of each loop or stitch in the knitted fabric. This feature is particularly useful in producing fabrics with consistent texture, gauge, and density. In a knitting machine, loop length control is achieved by … Read more

Jute Carding Calculation Formula

Jute Carding Calculation Formulas

Jute Carding: Jute carding is the process of separating and aligning the jute fibers in preparation for spinning. Jute fibers are extracted from the jute plant, which is grown mainly in India and Bangladesh. The fibers are long, soft, and lustrous, but they are also tough and difficult to spin directly. In jute spinning, carding … Read more

Useful Formulas for Spinning (Blow room, Carding and Draw frame)

Essential formula for Spinning

What is Spinning? Spinning is a major and ancient part of the textile industry. It is part of the textile manufacturing process where three types of fiber are converted into yarn, then fabrics, which undergo finishing processes such as bleaching to become textiles. The spinning process involves pulling, twisting, and winding fibers together to create … Read more

Applique Consumption Calculation for Knit Garments

Introduction: Applique is a decorative technique that involves attaching a piece of fabric onto a garment or textile product to create a design or pattern. The importance of applique consumption for garments lies in its impact on the overall garment cost, quality, and design of the product. Applique consumption calculation for knit garments are discussed … Read more

Important Formula for Industrial Engineering (IE) Students & Professionals

Concept of Industrial Engineering (IE): In the garment industry, industrial engineering (IE) refers to the application of engineering principles to optimize production processes, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. Industrial engineers analyze and design production systems, develop and implement production plans, and improve the overall productivity of the manufacturing process. The garment manufacturing and exporting industry … Read more